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Jeff Olmstead

Jeff was born in Ludington and after spending almost 20 years living outside of Michigan, he returned to Ludington in 2018. Jeff always visited Ludington frequently during his time away, but the people, community and everything Mason County has to offer is what ultimately drew him back to stay. Jeff enjoys golfing, camping and hiking. Jeff was previously in the insurance industry for 19 years before starting two real estate focused companies in Ludington, Olmstead Investments, LLC (a HomeVestors franchise) and Ludington Development Partners. 

Jeff’s parents both graduated from Ludington High and are now retired and live in Ludington full time.  His mom is very involved with her church and volunteers as the event coordinator for a local children’s museum. Jeff learned the value of community service from his grandparents and parents and hopes to make a positive impact on the community through his business ventures and through his work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Rotary of Ludington. 

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