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Jennifer Tocco

Jennifer Tocco is a director of the Habitat for Humanity board as well as treasurer. 

Jen joined the board in 2015 and has been involved in fundraising through events, volunteering at the ReStore as well as her position on the executive committee. 

She and her husband, Dom, raise their three children in Ludington after moving back to the area. 

Jen is a graduate of Central Michigan University and is currently employed by Comfort Inn where she utilizes her 10-plus years in management and the hospitality industry. 

"I am proud to be  part of Habitat because I believe in what they do," said Tocco.

She enjoys being part of an organization that lends a helping hand to those in need of safe, affordable housing. 

Jennifer is passionate about getting out in the community to raise awareness for the organization and the need for community support through Habitat's unique fundraisers such as Lud Vegas. 

"The events are a lot of work, but when we get the moment where everyone is having a blast and we are raising money we know will directly help local families, that is what I live to see," she said. 

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