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Moving In


Habitat for Humanity of Mason County, is dedicated to helping people obtain quality, affordable housing. See for yourself what these people have to say!

Moving House

The Lloyd'Story

For a couple who have raised their children, work hard even picking up extra hours at work to make ends meet and then life hands them a major curve ball.  Their well went out, leaving them without running water.  Because of the steady job Mr. Lloyd holds at a local manufacturing company and the overtime he is paid; the couple do not qualify for any type of assistance.  Mrs. Llyod prays for a miracle, a miracle that helps provide them with something many of us take advantage of everyday…running water.  Their daughter is a client of True North Services and shares her parent’s situation with her caseworker, who shares that story with us as Habitat for Humanity.  Something that COVID-19 has shown us is that there are many households who are working hard, trying to better their situation and because they make above a certain threshold financially, there are no resources to help when they need it most.  These are households that fall through the cracks in our systems.  Stories like this fuel our ministry, creating impact that means more then we understand to the homeowner.  After their water was restored, Mrs. Llyod shared with us that we are the angles God sent that she had been praying for.  

Lloyd’s daughter shared her gratitude toward Habitat for Humanity for helping her parents.  “Footprints in the Sand is a poem that is true to life and especially mine and my parents.  Receiving water when they had gone months without was a blessing unforeseen.  We didn’t know how, when or where the cost would come from but after searching for help our prayer were answered.  You don’t always realize the small things that contain such a tremendous value to everyday life until you no longer have it.  Filling 20 or so jugs of water from whoever we could on a daily basis was such an inconvenience and extremely stressful.  Not being able to wash clothes or take a shower makes you feel dirty.  We couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative for those who answered our prayers and gave us water again. I can’t think of any words better to describe this gift other than a blessing.”

Lloyd Family

Fountain, MI


Other Impact

"I am so grateful for the help to repair my well.  Being wheelchair bound and going through cancer treatments is hard enough, not having water makes things harder."



Ludington, MI 

"I can't thank you enough for your help to make my house warmer and help prevent my pipes from freezing"



Ludington, MI 

"We are extremely grateful for our new furnace, there are no words to explain how nice it is to be warm in your home"


Lisa & Mike

Ludington, MI 

"I am very thankful for Habitat and all you do.  I can't believe how quiet my new furnace is, it's one less thing I have to stress about this winter"



Ludington, MI 

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