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Part of ensuring folks have adequate housing in Mason County includes making sure they have access in and out of their home.  

We have taken over the handicap ramp program from HELP Ministries.

We are working on a program that will accommodate folks in need of a temporary ramp due to injury (several weeks/specific time frame).

All ramps constructed require a 25% contribution of material costs, from the homeowner.

Ramps are built in a manor that allows them to be removed easily.  We do request that HFH is notified once the ramp is no longer needed so we can remove it and use the materials to fulfill another ramp need.

*** We do our best to fulfill all requests.  However, sometimes zoning limitations, home logistics, etc. prevent us from being able to complete a request.  ***

Steps to request a ramp:


1. Complete Request form

2. HFH staff will follow up on the request

3. A volunteer will make a site visit to evaluate, measure & take photos of the project area

4. HFH Staff will notify you if the project is able to move forward or if there are issues/restrictions to complete the ramp

5. If a project is able to move forward, our team will order lumber, organize volunteers and communicate the homeowner's contribution amount

6. Once project is scheduled, ramp contruction typically take about 3 days but it all depends on the number of volunteers available

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